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I recently visited Provincetown for the first time {more to come!} and of course, the first stop in Ptown had to be brunch! After looking at different brunch stops online we decided to go to Yolqueria. 

Yolqueria is about a 10 minute walk from the ferry station. We probably made it in a shorter amount of time because it was raining when we got off the ferry and made it right before it began to pour. The restaurant is quaint and cute. There is an outdoor patio that you can sit in rain or shine.

I ordered my favorite brunch drink, a mimosa, while my friend, A, ordered a Bloody Mary. After trying to decide what we wanted to eat, we made the decision to get chicken and waffles and the cowboy carnitas. Can you guess which was my plate? If you guessed chicken and waffles, you'd be correct. I really can't pass up chicken and waffles - especially when they're offered with tater tots! The dish also came with a spicy kale salad - which I did not eat because I'm not a big kale fan.

I thought the chicken and waffles were delicious. They were tasty and filling. A loved the cowboy carnitas. Overall, both meals were very tasty and we were glad we chose a great brunch spot. After brunch we ordered a cinnamon roll. I felt as though the cinnamon roll was a little bland.

Have you been to Yolqueria? What were your thoughts?

Have a brunch recommendation? I'm always looking for new spots! Leave a comment below!

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