Sometimes, I like to wander around Boston and take pictures. I don't usually have an agenda of what I want to capture, I just walk around and capture images that catch my eye.

I have been crazy busy as of late {which isn't a bad thing - right!?} and it seems as though I haven't had enough time to do all the things I normally like to do. Although life still seems to be flying by, I decided to get back in to my old habits of little things I like, such as blogging, photography, painting, and more.

So, here are a few photographs from some of my walks around the city:

boston; back bay; bri rinehart
back bay; boston; bri rinehart
esplanade; bri rinehart
bay village; bri rinehart
citgo sign; boston; fenway; bri rinehart
flower; bri rinehart
newbury street; bri rinehart
longfellow bridge; bri rinehart

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