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If you have not been to Naco Taco yet, you need to go! Especially now that it is summer and the patio is open.

naco taco food truck

Naco Taco is the place where you'll want to get tacos {obviously}, but their Fried Egg Tostadas are just as amazing! I caught up with a friend at Naco Taco over the weekend and decided to get the Fried Egg Tostado with Lobster {because why not?} and a half order of the Street Corn Off The Cob. If you haven't had street corn, you definitely need to try it. I also ordered the Summer Reign margarita because, hello, margarita!

summer reign naco taco margarita

I wasn't completely sure if I would like the lobster in the tostada, but it was very delicious. I definitely enjoyed it. The tostada comes with the tortilla shell, refried beans, avocado, lobster {or whatever item you chose to add!}, fried egg, cilantro and cotija cheese. The Street Off The Cob includes cotija cheese, chile de árbol aioli, lime, and cilantro. It has a bit of a kick to it, but it's totally worth it. They also offer a Lobster and Bacon Street Corn that I was tempted to try, but really wanted a tostado, so chose to stick with the original. I think I may have to go back to try the Lobster and Bacon Street Corn though!

naco taco fried egg tostada street corn off the cob summer reign

I was obsessed with our table. I loved the vibrant colors that were used. Definitely makes pictures IG worthy, that is for sure! 

fried egg tostada lobster naco taco
street corn off the cob naco taco

Have you been to Naco Taco? What is your favorite item?

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