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I have been wanting to try brunch at Granary Tavern for a while and since I had some errands to run downtown, I figured it was the best time to try their brunch.

I was originally going to order the waffles + bacon because, that's always one of my obvious choices, but after looking at the menu, I decided to get the Tavern Omelette. The Tavern Omelette includes shrimp, cilantro, avocado and tomato with a side of home fried potatoes and toast. You could either choose from wheat or sourdough bread. I was not feeling like wheat bread today, so I went with sourdough bread {which is a surprise coming from me!}. I, of course, ordered the omelette without tomatoes, because tomatoes are gross.

tavern omelette

I should have ordered the omelette without cilantro because there was too much cilantro within. I tasted the soap flavor {why is this a thing!?} that cilantro has for some people. I thought maybe the cilantro would have been sprinkled on top to add a bit of flavor instead of being within the omelette. I ended up taking out most of the cilantro to try to minimize the soap flavor. It worked and made the omelette much more enjoyable.

Besides not being a big fan of the cilantro, the rest of the omelette was delicious. I enjoyed the sourdough bread and the potatoes were very tasty.

tavern omelette granary tavern brunch

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