Doing Things Alone

Most people don't like to do things alone.

I am not one of those people.

I have no problem doing things alone. I suppose that's obvious since I moved 3,040 miles away from home. A few years ago, I began going to different events by myself. Either my friends didn't want to go or weren't available, so I began to do things that I wanted to do, even if that meant I would have to do it on my own.

Back home no one really questioned me doing things on my own, they just would say: "Oh wow, Bri, you're brave. I don't think I could go to a concert by myself." In Boston, however, it's different. People gawk over the fact that I do so much on my own. Here's some reactions whenever I tell people what I'm doing:

"You're going to a concert. By YOURSELF??" "You're going to Gillette stadium to watch a Patriots game by yourself? Without anyone? On your own?" "Why do you do things by yourself? Don't you have friends to go with?"

People act like it's unheard of doing things by yourself. I don't mind doing things by myself because you never know who you might meet. You could walk away with a new friend. Plus, sometimes it's refreshing doing something by yourself. It's ver liberating. If you haven't done it, I suggest you try it sometime. I've gone to the movies, concerts, sporting events, dinner, activities... whatever suits my fancy. I often do a lot of things very spontaneously, so whatever comes up, I just go. Life is too short to not do what you want to do.

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