Burro Bar

1665 Beacon Street | Brookline, Massachusetts | 02445 | Menu

The Burro Bar is a really cool brunch spot to go to in Brookline. I don't venture to Brookline very often, but my friend suggested coming here so, off to Brookline I went.

The menu is not too big which is great because I was able to make a decision quickly. I ordered the Chorizo de la Casa Taco Plate while my friend, D, ordered the El Montanero "Superbeasto."

burro bar; bri rinehart

Both dishes looked great when they came out. The Chorizo de la Casa Taco Plate included a sunny farm egg, potato, chipotle mayo, cilantro and home fries. I opted to not have cilantro on my taco because of the soapy taste it can give. You can't eat these tacos like you would normally eat a taco because the egg yolk would go everywhere once you break the layer, so I had to cut it into strips. It still tasted really delicious, so I'm not complaining in the way I had to eat the tacos. D said her El Montanero "Superbeasto" was also delicious and enjoyed it. Usually she orders the Huevos Rancheros {we're creatures of habit!} but decided to switch it up this time.

burro bar; bri rinehart
burro bar; bri rinheart

Have you been to Burro Bar? What did you think?

Have a suggestion on where I should go to brunch? Let me know in the comments!