A {Not Your Avg} Foodie Guide | Boston + Beyond

October 2018.

Earl’s \\ Bacon Cheeseburger

bri rinehart; photography; food; earl's; boston
bri rinehart; photography; food; earl's; boston

Earl’s has a lot of items to choose from. I was debating between the bacon cheeseburger and chicken tacos, but the burger ultimately won as I was hungry and wanted to be full. Of course, I had to ask for no tomatoes, onions or pickles on my burger because I do not like those items. I asked for avocado to be added. However, the avocado was mushed on the burger instead of sliced avocado, which I thought was interesting. I also upgraded my fries to truffle fries for $1, because why not?

The Friendly Toast \\ Big Papi Bowl

bri rinehart; photography; food; the friendly toast; boston
bri rinehart; photography; food; the friendly toast

The Friendly Toast is always a good spot for brunch. Be aware that it does get packed. We went on a Thursday morning and the place was still hoppin’! I thought it wouldn’t be as busy since it was a weekday and it wasn’t a holiday, but I was wrong. Normally I choose to get the chicken + waffles here, but decided to try something new. I tried the Big Papi bowl, which came with hashbrowns, bacon, broccoli, cheese and eggs with toast. The bowl was massive and I was not able to finish it, but it was so, so, so good and filling!!

Wahlburgers \\ BBQ Cheeseburger

bri rinehart; photography; food; boston; whalburger's; fenway
bri rinehart; food; photography; wahlburger's; boston

When in Boston, you need to stop by Wahlburgers! There is a location in Fenway - so check out the baseball stadium, walk over to Wahlburgers and get a burger. When you go to this location, there is a take out counter when you first walk in, but if you choose to sit and dine, walk towards the back to the restaurant where you’ll be seated by the hostess!

My favorite burger is the BBQ cheeseburger. I ask for it without jalapeños because I’m a wimp in the spicy / hot department of food. I also ordered the spicy strawberry margarita without the jalapeños because, again, SPICY. My waitress did bring me some jalapeños for my drink in case I wanted to try it - she said it wasn’t as spicy as I would think but I was not feeling adventurous.

Granary Tavern \\ Lobster Mac + Cheese

bri rinehart; photography; granary tavern; food; lobster mac and cheese
bri rinehart; photography; boston; granary tavern; food

Who can say no to lobster mac + cheese!? This is a new item on the Granary Tavern menu - which I found out after ordering. It was very delicious. There were huge chunks of lobster meat and plenty of pasta. Well worth the money you’ll spend on it.

Sunny Side Café \\ Meat Lover’s Omelet
Wilmington, MA

bri rinehart; photography; food; sunnyside cafe

On the way to New Hampshire / Vermont, we popped into Sunnyside Café. It is a small “hole in the wall” diner type. AKA: you know it’s going to be a great spot. I’m obsessed with meat lovers omelets. I mean - you get bacon, ham AND sausage all in one. How can you not love it? I also decided to get a blueberry muffin instead of toast. I asked for it to be grilled and it was top notch. The omelet was very fulfilling. I think I filled my eyes before i filled my stomach - which may not always be a bad thing?

Vermont Pub & Brewery \\ Potato Skins + Chicken Tenders

bri rinehart; photography; food; vermont pub & brewery
bri rinehart; photography; food; vermont pub & brewery

While exploring Burlington, we were hungry - so we popped into Vermont Pub & Brewery to grab some food. My mom and I decided to split a couple of appetizers. We ordered the cheese and bacon potato skins and chicken tenders. The potato skins + chicken tenders were both delicious and the perfect amount to split if you’re not super hungry.

Ashmont Grill \\ Trainwreck Omelet

bri rinehart; photography; ashmont grill; food

Ashmont Grill, you will forever have my heart. The trainwreck omelet is my favorite. My brother got the same as me {since I raved about it}, his girlfriend got the Irish benny and my mom got the french toast. Everyone enjoyed their dish and left walking away full!

Check out my previous post on Ashmont Grill.

L’Osteria \\ Carbonara

bri rinehart; photography; l'osteria; north end; boston; food
bri rinehart; photography; l'osteria; food; carbonara; north end

If you’re in Boston and want Italian food, head to the North End. This is the best spot to find Italian food. We went to L’Osteria for dinner. I ordered the carbonara. Everything was delicious. The portions are massive, so I couldn’t finish my pasta, but took it home with me for leftovers.

Mike’s Pastry \\ Cannoli

bri rinehart; photography; mike's pastry; north end; boston; food
bri rinehart; photography; boston; mike's pastry; food

Mike’s Pastry is the spot to get a cannoli in the North End. Be prepared - there will be a line and it is cash only. You’ll have plenty of time to decide on what you want before you get to the front, as there are pictures of the cannoli’s they offer on the walls. My favorite cannoli is the Oreo cannoli. I have not tried anything else because I’m too worried I won’t like it and will wish I picked the Oreo flavor.

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