A {Not Your Avg} Foodie Guide | Boston

August 2018

Sweet Life Bakery & Cafe

2243 Dorchester Avenue | Boston, Massachusetts | Menu

bri rinehart; sweet life bakery and cafe; photography; foodography
bri rinehart; sweet life bakery and cafe; photography; food

Sweet Life is one of my favorite brunch spots in Lower Mills. Each time I go, I get something different and am never disappointed. This time, I decided to order the steak + eggs with a side salad instead of homefries. The meal was great - the steak was bigger than I thought it would be and the eggs were delicious. I added cheddar cheese to my eggs {because, who doesn't love cheesy eggs!?}. I didn't think I was that hungry when I walked into Sweet Life, but I basically ate everything on my plate. My friend ordered the chicken pesto omelet. She said it was one of the best omelets she's ever had. 

Central Wharf Company

160 Milk Street | Boston, Massachusetts | Menu

bri rinehart; central wharf co; photography; boston; lobster roll
bri rinehart; photography; central wharf co; lobster roll; boston

I popped into Central Wharf Company one morning for brunch after I was walking by and noticed their sign advertising their brunch menu. Normally, when I'm at brunch, I get a breakfast item. However, while perusing the menu, I noticed a lobster roll on the menu. I decided to get that and was not disappointed. I ordered a warm lobster roll - which means the lobster meat is buttered instead of a cold roll where the meat is in mayo. The only thing about my meal I did not like was the chips. They were okay, I should have asked if I could have substituted them for fries, but now I know for the next time!

Five Horses Tavern

400 Highland Ave | Somerville, Massachusetts | Menu

bri rinehart; photography; food; five horses tavern; brunch
bri rinehart; photography; food; five horses tavern; brunch

If you have not gone to Five Horses Tavern for brunch, you need to go. I have only gone to their Davis Square location, which I think may be the original spot. I ordered the Southern Comfort, which includes eggs, fried chicken, thyme biscuit and sausage gravy. Surprisingly, I'm not a huge gravy fan, but wanted to try something new. The gravy was pretty good {perhaps my taste buds are changing!?}, the chicken, eggs and biscuit were all delicious. The chicken basically melted in your mouth. I thought the chicken was resting in the gravy, but a slab of bread is placed under the chicken so it is not soaking in the gravy.

Zaftigs Delicatessen

335 Harvard Street | Brookline, Massachusetts | Menu

bri rinehart; zaftigs; photography; food; brookline
bri rinehart; zaftigs; photography; food; brookline

Zaftigs is a popular spot in Coolidge Corner. Luckily, when I went with my friend, we didn't have to wait very long, despite the groups that were waiting outside of the restaurant. We both decided to order omelets. I created my own omelet with bacon, ham and cheese. My friend ordered the roughrider omelet, which includes: house made corned beef hash, sautéed onions and Vermont cheddar. We enjoyed our omelets. My omelet was filled with bacon and ham, which receives no complaints from me. The home fries were pretty good. They were kind of crispy, which I like. I left feeling very full. 

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