A {Not Your Avg} Foodie Guide | Boston

Welcome to the newest brunch / restaurant series! This is a monthly roundup of restaurants I visited this month. Some places may be new - some may be a repeat - but only if I ordered something different!
July 2018


500 Legacy Place | Dedham, Massachusetts | Menu

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I enjoyed Aquitaine - they had a great brunch menu. It was hard to decide what I wanted to get.  I think there should be a thing called "brunch sampler" and you could either pick items you want to try or they have a mix of their top items so you can try. Since that isn't an option yet, I narrowed down my options and finally made a choice - the croque madam.

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I'm in love with croque madame. They are not only delicious, but very filling. I rarely ever finish eating the whole thing because I get full - which isn't a bad thing! A croque madame is a pressed sandwich with ham, smoked gruyere, with a fried egg and mornay sauce on top of the sandwich. I'm not usually a fan of a lot of sauce or {runny} fried eggs, but I don't know what it is about this sandwich that I find it to be so delicious!

My friends and I went to Aquitaine at Legacy Place, but I'm pretty sure there is also a location in Boston!

Fajitas + Ritas

25 West Street | Boston, Massachusetts | Menu

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If you're looking for great food and drinks while trying to save a buck, head on down to Fajitas and Ritas. They give massive portions of their food - so sometimes it's best to share with a friend! I met a friend here and we decided to order nachos {which you can build your own!} and a side of tequila wings. This was plenty of food for both of us. We were even able to take some of the wings home.

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The Bowery

2261 Dorchester Ave | Boston, Massachusetts | Menu

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The Bowery is the latest addition to Lower Mills. As much as I miss Ester, The Bowery is a pretty cool spot. It took my friend and I a while to figure out what we wanted to eat. There menu has a variety of items on it. To begin the night, we ordered frosé and the baked goat cheese. If you only go for drinks and an app, get these items. They were both so good. The baked goat cheese came with bread and crackers. I preferred the crackers over the bread, but it was good nonetheless.

bri rinehart; photography; the bowery; frose
bri rinehart; photography; food; the bowery

My friend decided to order the tuna poke bowl while I ordered the lobster roll. My friend really enjoyed the tuna poke bowl. My lobster roll wasn't the best lobster roll I've ever had. It had quite a bit of mayonnaise and celery chunks. I usually don't mind lobster rolls made with mayo, but it has to be the right amount. Even though I wasn't a huge fan of the lobster roll, I would go back to try other items on the menu!

Lower Mills Tavern

2269 Dorchester Ave. | Boston, Massachusetts | Menu

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One of my favorite spots in Lower Mills is Lower Mills Tavern. Whether it's popping in for a drink or staying for food, it's a great spot. This time, I tried the original chicken sandwich. I asked for it without tomatoes and onions because I find those items to be disgusting - but the sandwich was very delicious. The chicken basically melts in your mouth as you're eating it. It also comes with the LMT special sauce - which is basically like a thousand island dressing sauce with pickles in it. I'm not a fan of pickles, so next time I would order it without the sauce.

bri rinehart; photography; lower mills tavern

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