Oh, the tale of the avocado. Earlier this year, I had an avocado accident. If you follow me on social media, you'll most likely have seen the many updates about my finger. If not, here is a sparks note version:

I was making my infamous rice cake breakfast when I needed to take the pit out of the avocado. I was slowly trying to wedge my knife into the pit when it slipped off, went through the avocado to my finger. Yeah, not fun. I went to urgent care to get three stitches. After having the stitches removed, my finger was still numb and it hurt when I stretched or put any pressure on it. When I went to therapy to work on the ability to bend my finger, I told the therapist about my pain and numbness. She had me visit the hand specialist who then told me there was an 85% chance I had cut the nerve in my finger. SO, I needed surgery to repair my nerve. Which I had the following week. Fast forward to today and my finger is almost back to normal. I still have some numbness and a lightning bolt scar {cue Harry Potter references}, but the pain is gone.

From this whole experience, I learned that avocados are basically the number one things people cut themselves on, then comes bagels and frozen hamburger patties. I've also successfully removed a pit from an avocado thousands of times, there just happened to be this one off chance it was the worst case scenario. If you don't believe me, news sources are beginning to cover the "Avocado Hand" epidemic. How do I know this is a thing? Well, people are starting to tell me what they've seen / read on the news and follow up with: "I thought of you because that's what happened to you and I'm like, 'I know someone who did that'!"

You may be wondering: why is she bringing this up three months later? Well, I always meant to share my story, but I had one hand for four weeks and it took me a bit to get back in to blogging. Also, a magnificent product came in to my life that I must share: the avocado knife.

The knife is not sharp, but cuts the avocado fairly well. You'll want to make sure your avocado is ripe enough for the knife to cut through. In the middle of the knife is the avocado pit suction device - which is the part to make your life easier and keeps your fingers safe! You wedge the prongs into the pit, twist, and presto! the pit is out! Lastly, because everyone basically slices their avocado half, the other end of the knife is a slicer. Badabing, badaboom, you're all done. Avocado knives are making everyone's life simple. 

Want this nifty knife for yourself? I'm giving away one knife to a lucky winner! Enter by Saturday, May 20th for your chance to win!