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I'm pretty sure Five Horses Tavern just became one of my top five favorite brunch restaurants in the Greater Boston area. If you have not been, you need to go. They have two locations - one in Davis Square and one in South End.

I went to Five Horses Tavern {Davis Square} with my friend, N. Pro tip: make reservations - this is a popular spot! N and I had checked out the menu before coming and had a general idea of what we wanted to get. There were donut holes and french toast sticks {!!!} on the menu that we both wanted to try. I also spotted The Breakfast Club that I had wanted to try. I searched pictures on Yelp to see what The Breakfast Club looked like and it looked phenomenal. 

Once we were at the restaurant, I noticed there was a mimosa flight option on the menu. ALL. THE. YES. I asked the waiter what flavors were included in the flight for today and they were serving a pineapple, prickly pear, peach and regular mimosa. It sounded fabulous, so I ordered myself one.

From here, it was time to decide what to order. N and I decided to share the french toast sticks as an appetizer then choose a "main" meal. I decided to order the Breakfast Club {I was hooked!}, while N ordered the Breaky Sammy.

The french toast sticks did not disappoint. They were homemade and covered in some kind of apple cinnamon sauce. Oh my heavens, were they delicious. The presentation of the french toast sticks were phenomenal. We had two each and decided to take the remaining two home with us to save room for our main meals. Our main courses arrived and they did not disappoint either.

Is the Breakfast Club a waffle sandwich? Yes, yes it is.

What is on the Breakfast Club, you ask? Well, let me tell you. It is a waffle, bacon marmalade, frisee, creole mustard, KFC style chicken, waffle, fried egg, waffle. So much goodness on one plate.

I tried to eat the Breakfast Club as a sandwich, but quickly surrendered to using a knife and fork to eat the meal since it started to fall a part. I could only eat half of it. I could not stuff any more food into my stomach.

N liked the Breaky Sammy. She could only eat half of her portion as well. 

The Breaky Sammy includes kale, egg, bacon, cheddar cheese, and creole mustard.

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