142 Berkeley Street | Boston, Massachusetts |02116 | Menu

Back Bay Harry's is a really cool spot to eat brunch at. Besides having a great brunch option, what I really liked about Back Bay Harry's is that you can either go dressed up or casual - it all depends on your mood.

I went to Back Bay Harry's on Easter Sunday with my friend, E. All the items on the menu looked so good. We had a difficult time choosing what we wanted to eat. Did we want the Breakfast Burrito? The flatbread? French toast? Pancakes? Can we get a sampling of everything!? Ultimately, the Graham Cracker Crusted French Toast and Gingerbread Pancakes won.

I had ordered the french toast. It was very yummy. I could not eat the entire portion because I was full! E enjoyed the gingerbread pancakes. We tried a bit of each other's dishes and both enjoyed what the other had ordered.

Overall, Back Bay Harry's is a great brunch spot. I definitely want to go back to try more of their menu!