Who can say they do not like the aquarium!? I love the aquarium. I love looking at all the sea life. There are so may beautiful creatures.

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I finally made it to the New England Aquarium when my sister was visiting. We spent two and a half hours at the aquarium. We could have spent more time, but our stomachs began to sway our decision to leave because we were hungry. The aquarium is four stories high, with a giant ocean tank in the middle that you walk around as you work your way up to the very top. The giant ocean tank reminded me of Finding Dory.

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My favorite parts of the aquarium were the penguins, because they're my favorite, the tropical fish, the seals, the sea turtles, the seahorses, the pufferfish, and the octopuses. I also enjoyed the tide pools/touch tanks where you can touch various animals. I touched a star fish, sea urchin and a sting ray. I also like looking at the jellyfish. I think it's so interesting how some animals can get around. Watching an octopus move / walk across the tank was so fascinating. If I worked at the aquarium I would get in trouble for watching the animals all day instead of doing my actual job.

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One of the octopuses had laid eggs and was protecting them off in a corner. It was pretty cool to watch a video of the process and to see a little glimpse of the mother protecting her eggs.

Overall, the New England Aquarium is a lot of fun and perfect for a family adventure or your own adventure!

NEAQ Admission: Adult: $27.95 | Children: $18.95 | Seniors: $25.95 PS. If you're a member of the Boston Public Library system, you can get a NEAQ pass for {!!!} free.

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