People always ask what my favorite places are when I tell them I blog about brunch reviews. It always takes me a while to decide which places because I've been to quite a few places. I decided {since I did not go to brunch this weekend} to roundup five of the best egg sandwiches I've had for brunch:

One || West Side Lounge


The Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

Update: West Side Lounge is no longer in business {insert crying emoji}

Two || Worden Hall


Grilled Bacon Apple Cheddar Croque

Three || Christopher's

Photo Apr 10, 12 53 19 PM

The Chrissandwich

Four || McCabe's on Mass

Photo Mar 27, 11 39 48 AM

Breakfast Sandwich

Five || Morning Salute

Photo May 29, 2 14 38 PM

The General

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