This is one of my favorite breakfast meals! It's so simple and easy. If you eat your breakfast at work, this is a great option as there are minimal ingredients and you only have to create the hard boiled eggs!

What you'll need:

  • Rice cake
  • Hard boiled egg
  • Avocado
  • Pepper

Avocado Egg Rice Cake

Step One | Slice the avocado and hard boiled egg


Slice the avocado in four thin slices. Save the rest of the avocado.

Side note: If you're trying to take the pit out of the avocado with a knife, be careful to not slice your finger{s}! I made the terrible and terrifying mistake of slicing my finger this week and now have three stitches in my finger :(

Use one hard boiled egg and try to slice it in an even amount {it's not always easy!}.

Step Two | Layer the egg and avocado on the rice cake


You can choose whichever kind of rice cake you like. I personally like the caramel flavored rice cakes. I find its easier to layer the hard boiled eggs then lay the avocado slices on the top.

Step Three | Sprinkle pepper


Add a little pepper flavor to your breakfast!

Step Four | Enjoy!



Have you tried this breakfast twist?