XV Beacon Hotel | 15 Beacon St. | Boston, Massachusetts | 02108 | Menu

Venturing out to Mooo.... on a wintery Sunday for Sunday brunch {the best brunch day} is one of the best decisions I made this weekend. I met up with my friend, N, for my Sunday Funday Brunch Adventure. Something unique about brunch at Mooo.... is the acoustic brunch. They have a musical act in the front of the restaurant playing numbers while you enjoy your brunch.


After ordering our drinks and what we wanted to order, our waiter brought complimentary banana muffins for the table. They were warm and very delicious. Basically melt in your mouth delicious. N and I decided to order the same meal, pop tarts and eggs.


The pop tarts came out first and looked amazing. They are equally as delicious as they look. The pop tarts are sweet and savory. I definitely recommend getting the pop tarts as an appetizer {or even just a meal} because you do not want to miss trying them!


The three farm house eggs came with a slice of bread and potatoes {in the cutest iron bowl}. I'll admit, by the time the eggs came I was starting to feel a little full after eating a banana muffin and the pop tarts. I ate a good portion of the eggs, but couldn't finish them as I was stuffed!

I recommend going to brunch at Mooo.... Besides eating amazing food, you also get to listen to live music. It's a win all the way around.

Have you been to Mooo....? What is your favorite brunch item?