Have you taken the plunge in creating Instagram Stories {aka InstaStories}? Not sure where to start? Or are you just not sure how to use it? The beauty is you can share anything. However, if you're a brand you may want to be selective in what you share so it reflects with your brand. That doesn't mean you have to create a box and stick to what you want to curate to your followers, but it helps!

I personally like to utilize my InstaStories to show what I'm doing on my adventures or behind the scenes when I go to brunch / eat out. If there is something interesting happening around the city, I'll capture it as well. I try to share images / videos that relate to who I am as a blogger. Here are a few tips to create your own InstaStory:

Adding a picture / video to your story


Push the + sign within the circle in the top left corner of your screen. This will open the camera and allow you to capture the moment for your followers.

Select a filter


There are six filters to choose from. You can access the filters by swiping right.

Add Text


After you have captured you're moment, you are most likely going to want to add text to your image / video. Touch the image to type in your message. You can make the text smaller or larger by using the two finger pinch / drag. I (normally) choose the same color every time I use text. Since green is my go to color, green is the text I constantly use. Sometimes I'll choose another color, but I like to be consistent.

Use the Pen



If you don't want to use computer text, you have the option to use the "pen" (as I like to call it) and handwrite a message. Or use the pen to draw another image, create lines, or highlight the text. Sometimes my images and text color don't click, so I use the pen to highlight my text for the words to appear.

Add a photo / video later


Did you capture a photo / video you want to upload to your story but didn't get  a chance to? You can upload any image / video from the past 24 hours. When you're looking to create a story / add another component of the story, swipe down on your screen. A photo roll of every picture / video taken within the past 24 hours will appear.

Add to your story!


Once you have your image / video all set, submit your video to your story! Your followers will be able to see what you have added. If your account is public, anyone will be able to view your story when they visit your profile. If you really like your image / video, you can save it before you add it to your story!

Set your preferences {if your account is public}


Everyone has the option to hide their story from viewers they don't wish to see it. You can also choose who you would like messages from. Access your story settings by viewing your profile, clicking the gear in the top right corner, and clicking on Story Settings under Account.

Check to see who viewed your story


When viewing your own story {click on your picture in the story area}. Swipe up on your picture and you can see who viewed your story.

Other things you should know

  • Each piece of the story lasts for 10 seconds. 10 seconds of a picture. 10 seconds of a video.
  • When recording a video, if someone ruined your sound or you simply don't want someone to hear what's going on, you can turn the sound off before sharing.
  • You can "pause" the story by holding onto the picture. When you're ready to move on, let go.
  • If you missed a part of the story, you can tap the left side of the screen. The story will "rewind"
  • If you don't want to wait the 10 seconds to pass, you can tap the right side of the screen.
  • If you want to skip over someone's story entirely, swipe right
  • Stories are available for 24 hours then they disappear!
  • Add a Boomerang to your story! Not only are they fun to create, but it's a fun little video that fits perfectly into the frame.


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