Four Things to Do in the Greater LA Area

Los Angeles is massive. It's also not one of my favorite places to visit because it takes so long to get anywhere. However, I made the trip to the LA area recently. I mainly visited places in the greater LA area. When in LA, there is never a lack of things to do. Here are 4 of the top things you should do when visiting the greater LA area:

One | In-N-Out


Basically, you can visit In-N-Out anywhere in California. However, since In-N-Out originated in the greater LA area, might as well grab a burger from one of the most famous burger joints in America. A lot of people think In-N-Out is overhyped, but I personally believe it is not. It has three items for you to choose from, you can substitute your drink for a milkshake, and everything is fresh. Of course, there is the secret menu where you can order animal style errything {but is it really a secret anymore if everyone knows!?}.

Two | Universal City Walk | Universal City, California


Universal City Walk is pretty cool. It's a strip of restaurants and shops located right next to Universal Studios park. It's free to walk around - all you need to do is pay for parking, which is a pretty penny in itself. One of my favorite parts was the water that shot up out of the ground in sync with lights and music.


Three | Zuma Beach | Malibu, California


Zuma Beach in Malibu is a must. Well, any beach in California is gorgeous... However, Zuma Beach is not as crowded {at least when I went}. The waves are gorgeous, the water is cool, not many surfers - but a whole lot of fun!

Four | Topanga Canyon | Topanga, California


Take a drive to Topanga Canyon at night. You can look out over the city and see all the lights. It's an awesome place to sit and chat with your friends and loved ones! Sadly, Cory Canyon doesn't exist.