1542 Moorpark Road | Thousand Oaks, California | 91360 | Menu

Hello, brunch. I've missed you.

While visiting my sister in SoCal, we met up with our aunt for brunch over the weekend. We went to Eggs-N-Things Restaurant in Thousand Oaks. The restaurant is similar to a diner - although you would not think that from the outside of the building.


Pro Tip: Be prepared to wait for a table. This place is hoppin'. They do not take reservations.

They had quite a big selection to choose from. I had a tough time choosing between building my own omelette, choosing a scramble or the Breakfast Croissant. I chose to try the Breakfast Croissant. You can choose to have ham or bacon as the meat. I chose ham {shocker!}. I also asked for the tomato to be taken out because I do not like tomatoes. My sister tried the Diced Ham with Scrambled Eggs while my aunt tried the Breakfast Burrito {without the eggs}. Both said their meals were delicious.


The Breakfast Croissant was delicious. The eggs were supposed to be scrambled, but they were flat eggs folded over and placed on the croissant. They weren't bad - it was not what I was expecting.


Overall, the food was amazing - they have hashbrowns {which I'm obsessed with} that were perfect.