252 Western Ave | Allston, Massachusetts | 02134

Over the weekend, I participated in a 5K. I had not ran in over a year, so it was a major accomplishment to have finished the race without collapsing somewhere on the course due to not being in great shape. After the race, I grabbed a bite to eat with my coworkers at The Bus Stop Pub.

Unfortunately, The Bus Stop Pub does not make breakfast. However, they had plenty of other options. The place had a bar / diner mixed together feel.

I ordered the potato skins off of the appetizer menu. Let me tell you, for $7.99 you would not be disappointed with these potato skins. Normally, appetizer potato skins come as a potato split in half - so two pieces total. This place gave you six potato skins. SIX (three potatoes in half). I was shocked and not expecting that at all.


The potato skins were so delicious. They were cooked well, so the potatoes weren't crunchy. However, I'm not sure how the cooks did this, the top of the potatoes were crispy. They reminded me of the perfect amount of crispiness fries can get - but it was on a potato skin. Plus, they were overflowing with bacon. Who can say no to all that bacon?


Have you been to The Bus Stop Pub?

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