This Breakfast Scramble is great for breakfast or dinner! Sometimes after a long day, I will make this for dinner as it is simple and quick to make. Plus, who doesn't like quick dinners!?

What You Need:

  • 2 eggs
  • A dash of cheese
  • A dash of bacon bits
  • Chicken
  • Bread {optional}

Throw It All Together:

Step One | Scramble your eggs


You can add a dash of milk to scramble your eggs, but more often than not, I scramble my eggs without the milk.

Step Two | Add bacon bits, cheese, and chicken


Add a dash of bacon bits and mozzarella, as well as diced chicken. Mix it all together.

Step Three | Scramble


Pour your scramble mixture into a frying pan. Scramble the mixture to your liking!

Step Four | Heat your bread


I found cinnamon swirl bread at the grocery store and had to get it. Usually, I toast a couple pieces of bread, but had to dive into this delicious loaf of bread with my breakfast scramble.

Step Five | Eat up!


I like to add a little more cheese to the top of my scramble because I love cheese and wanted to make it cheesy. I cover the bowl with a lid or towel to melt the cheese a bit before eating.

Optional | Add-ins

I did not add these in because I did not have them on hand, but I love to add in olives, substitute ham for chicken, and potatoes with diced avocado on top.