22 West Broadway | South Boston, Massachusetts | 02127 | Menu

Based on a recommendation, I went to Worden Hall for Sunday Brunch. I am so glad my friend gave me this recommendation because it is SO good. The vibes were great. I really liked the layout of the restaurant and the staff was very friendly.

I ordered the Strawberry Bellini instead of a Mimosa. It still had prosecco, so why not be a little adventurous, right?


As for the food, I had trouble deciding between the Grilled Bacon Apple Cheddar Croque and the Orange Vanilla Beignets. When my waiter came back I decided to go with the Grilled Bacon Apple Cheddar Croque. The waiter said it was his favorite, so I had a good feeling about my order.

It came and it was glorious. I wasn't sure what the dish was when I ordered, it sounded good. When it came, I discovered it's basically a sandwich with a sunnyside egg on top. The best part about the croque comes with curly fries. If you don't like curly fries {I may silently judge you}, they offer a side of greens instead. The Grilled Bacon Apple Cheddar Croque was very delicious. I could not eat the whole thing because it was so massive.

I highly recommend going to Worden Hall. It's right across the street from the Broadway T stop - which is easy access for those don't have cars.


Have you been to Worden Hall? What're your thoughts?

Do you have a brunch recommendation? Let me know!