Spontaneous day trips are the best trips.

I took a day trip to Rockport, Massachusetts over Labor Day weekend. Since I don't have a car, I have to be strategic with my spontaneous trips. Luckily, the east coast has wonderful train transportation. Boston has a {sometimes} wonderful commuter rail. Okay, no one really likes the commuter rail, but when I want to get out of Boston to a place nearby by train, it is wonderful.


I walked all over downtown Rockport. The main part of downtown Rockport is known as Bearskin Neck. There are the cutest little shops and restaurants to see. Rockport is very touristy, so there are usually a lot of people walking around. I think it adds to the charm of the coastal town.


I fell in love with Rockport immediately. I am in love with coastal towns, so I felt right at home. The day was gorgeous as well! The sun was shining, there was a cool breeze and gorgeous views.


Fun fact: Rockport was transformed into Sitka, Alaska for The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.


Without any further ado, here are the six ways you'll fall in love with Rockport:

One | Motif #1

Motif #1 is one of the most painted buildings. A storm destroyed the original building in 1978. However, a replica of the shack was built. Trying to get a great shot of the shack without other tourists / photographers in the shot is difficult, but if you wait, you can get some great photographs.


Two | The Harbor

I was surprised on this gorgeous day there were so many boats in the harbor still. If I were the owner I would be out sailing. However, I am not a boating expert, so there could be reasons I am not aware of. The boats were great subjects for photographs, so I suppose I should not be too picky of why there were so many left in the harbor.


Three | The Colorful Buildings

The great thing about New England coastal towns are the fact that many of the buildings are painted bright colors. I love bright colors, so I was in love with them.


Four | The Flowers

I was surprised to see so many flower gardens in Rockport. They were all beautifully gorgeous. All the flowers were { of course } bright. There is a meadow close to Bearskin Neck with a gorgeous garden when you walk in. I took so many pictures of the garden because the flowers were so gorgeous.


Five | The Shops

Bearskin Neck is the most touristy spot of downtown Rockport. There are a number of great shops within the strip. I recommend visiting Bearskin Neck Country Store, Wicked Peacock, and 8 Bells.


Six | The Food

I ate lobster for every meal during my trip. I recommend the lobster roll at Roy Moore Lobster Co. and the lobster BLT from Blue Lobster Grille. For a snack, I recommend visiting the Ice Cream Store. It's a cute little shack with great ice cream.


Have you been to Rockport? What are your favorite things?

See more pictures here.