Seven Spots to Go to in Morro Bay

One of my favorite coastal towns to visit is Morro Bay, California. Morro Bay is located on the Central Coast. Growing up, there was a 90% chance we would be stopping by MB on our way home from our vacation in Pismo.

Here are my seven spots to see while in Morro Bay:

One | Morro Rock

Morro Rock is the iconic symbol of Morro Bay. You cannot go to the rock and not get a picture of it. It is also a splendid back drop for picture opportunities. You can't climb the rock anymore, but you can get close to it and admire how huge it is.


Two | The Stacks

The three stacks are another iconic symbol of Morro Bay. The stacks belong to an electrical plant. The plant recently closed in the past few years. However, you'll find yourself taking pictures of the stacks!


Three | Sea Otters

You can find a sea otter family hanging out in the bay. You can spot them by the group of people with their cameras pointed at the ocean. This is one of my favorite things to see as I think sea otters are the cutest things.


Four | The Beach

If you're going to be in a coastal town, you better go to the beach. It's quite the essential part of being in a coastal town. What I like about Morro Bay is the beach is hardly packed. You won't be fighting for a spot to set up camp.

Five | Crill's Salt Water Taffy

Crill's Salt Water Taffy is tucked in between two restaurants, but it has some of the best salt water taffy you will ever taste! There are also other snacks available such as soft serve ice cream and soda!

Six | Eateries

While walking down Embarcadero, you'll run into multiple places you can pop into and eat at. One of my personal favorites is Tognazzi's Dockside 3. There are 3 different ones with different menus. You can choose any restaurant on this road and find great seafood!

Photo Jun 26, 6 39 43 PM

Seven | The Strip at Embarcadero

The Strip at Embarcadero is not a strip mall, however, there are many shops and eateries that are right on the water. You can walk onto the docks and admire all the boats.

Photo Jun 26, 5 51 30 PM

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Am I missing something from the list? Let me know in the comments below!