Hello, Portland

I have been wanting to take multiple day trips this summer but have not had the opportunity to. Either my time was spent moving, traveling to California, or staying busy in Boston. I recently realized summer was half over { the horror! } and immediately planned a day trip to Portland, Maine.

Portland has been on my list for months to visit. I have been saying since I moved to Boston: I want to go to Maine and have a lobster dinner. So, I did just that. I went to Maine and had a lobster dinner. I've never had a full lobster dinner because lobster is very expensive in California.

I do not have a car, so my day trips are planned based on what train will take me to the location I want to visit. Luckily, there is an Amtrak train, the Downeaster, that drops you off in Portland. It's about 2 1/2 hours away from Boston by train, which is perfect when you want to spend a day in the city!

I immediately fell in love with Portland. I love that it is a coastal town, it's easy to walk to down town, the shops are cute, there are amazing views. Oh, and everyone is really nice. So many random people talked to me and commented on my hat. Not something I am used to in Boston, but I'll take it.


See more pictures here.