Ashmont Grill

555 Talbot Ave | Dorchester, Massachusetts | 02122 | Menu

Brunch may be my favorite meal of the weekend.

I tried a new brunch place, Ashmont Grill. They have a great menu with different options. They also have a lot of brunch drinks, which is great to have. I, of course, chose a mimosa because that is my go to brunch drink.

At Ashmont Grill, they give you banana bread and a raisin bread. I am not particularly fond of raisins, so I picked them out. However, both breads were equally delicious. I had to make sure to pace myself when eating the bread to be able to eat my actual brunch. I love bread, so it was a bit hard.

Photo Aug 07, 11 45 54 AMPhoto Aug 07, 11 47 45 AMPhoto Aug 07, 11 51 52 AM

I decided to try the Train Wreck Omelet. All the omelets at Ashmont Grill are open faced with all the toppings piled on top. I've never seen an omelet prepared this way. However, it did not make the omelet any less delicious. The Train Wreck Omelet comes with french fries, bacon, scallions, jalapeno, jack cheese and sour cream. I ordered my omelet without the jalapeno because I dislike jalapeno { aka I have the worst spicy tolerance }.

The Train Wreck Omelet was very delicious and huge. I could not finish the whole thing. I ate about half of it before I gave up. I definitely recommend trying the Train Wreck Omelet when you visit!

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Have you been to Ashmont Grill? What are your thoughts?

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