I spent my Fourth of July in Boston for the first time. I absolutely loved it.

My Fourth of July attire: a blue dress, flag scarf, blue sunglasses and a white sun hat { which I bought on the fly at Primark }.

Photo Jul 04, 9 05 29 AMPhoto Jul 04, 11 06 48 AM

I spent my morning watching the Declaration of Independence being read at the Old State House. It was a bit confusing about when it was going to start because one tweet I had seen said it was going to begin at 10:00 AM. Another tweet said 9:40 AM. I was planning on being at the old State House by 9:45 AM, but freaked out the morning of when I realized it was supposed to be 9:40 AM. Fortunately, the reading did not happen until 10:00 AM - like I had originally planned.

It was really cool to hear the Declaration of Independence being read. I thought someone was going to dress up as though it was 1776, but that was not the case. There was a mini parade before and after the reading. There was also another reading at the Old North Church, but I did not attend that one.

Photo Jul 04, 9 40 51 AMDSC_0296DSC_0311DSC_0313DSC_0322DSC_0329


After the reading, I sat at the Public Gardens for a while, enjoying the nice weather in the shade. I needed to kill some time until it was time to get a late lunch. For lunch, I ate at Yankee Lobster Company. I think YLC has the best lobster rolls in Boston. I've had a few, but I've never been disappointed at YLC.

Photo Jul 04, 1 05 04 PMPhoto Jul 04, 1 25 55 PM

After chowing down on a delicious lobster roll, I made my way to Cambridge, to stake out a spot for the fireworks. The MIT/Harvard bridge was going to close at 4 PM to pedestrians and vehicles. I ended up arriving at 2:45 / 3:00 PM and staked out a prime spot for the fireworks. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday, so I needed a prime spot for those fireworks.

The skyline was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't believe the sunset and the way the skyline looked at night.

Photo Jul 04, 2 51 05 PMPhoto Jul 04, 8 29 07 PMPhoto Jul 04, 10 33 19 PMPhoto Jul 04, 8 30 00 PM

Before the show began, there was a fly over during the National Anthem. This always gives me goosebumps.


The fireworks show was phenomenal. I absolutely loved it and keep replaying the videos I captured on my phone. I have already made my plans for next year. I will be bringing a cooler with lots of drinks, snacks, a lawn chair AND a person. I went solo and read a lot, but having another person would make everything better.

DSC_0357DSC_0369Photo Jul 04, 10 41 45 PMPhoto Jul 04, 10 41 51 PMPhoto Jul 04, 10 56 00 PM


How did you spend the Fourth? Did you enjoy the fireworks in your town?