West Coast Represent

As you may know, I'm working on a gallery wall for my apartment.

I've been searching Etsy for the cutest posters. I've found quite a few that I liked. I haven't purchased any yet because I haven't narrowed my final selections down yet.

While I'm waiting for myself to decide what I want, I decided to make my own poster for the gallery wall I am working on {{ plus, I really wanted to use my nifty heat embosser }}. I had everything I needed - construction paper, embossing glitter, glue, a heat embosser, and some time on my hands. I needed to decide what I wanted to make. Thanks to scouring ideas on Pinterest, I found some inspiration on what I wanted to make.

I decided to make a California poster.

Cue Katy Perry's California Gurls.

Here's how I made my little poster:



I don't have a frame for my poster yet. I was impatient to have it on my gallery wall. So, I hung it off of my wire picture holder.

Do you have a gallery wall? Did you order your prints or make anything yourself? I'm curious to know where you found your posters or what you made!