Oh Where Has the Time Gone?

Boston, Massachusetts

I have been living in Massachusetts for seven and a half months. s e v e n and a h a l f  m o n t h s. AH. I cannot believe how fast time is going!

If you're wondering how this small town adventurer left gorgeous California for Massachusetts, read this blog post on my journey to moving to Massachusetts.

Now that I have lived in Massachusetts for a few months, I can tell you what I like and don't like about living here.

Here are some reasons I love it here: [a] I love the history that is here. [b] I love that there is so much to do. Events, restaurants, bars, etc, etc. It's be never ending! [c] In seven and a half months, I have lost twenty-three pounds. Yes, you read that right! The miracles of walking! [d] I've learned to be much more dependent on my own. Moving to a place not knowing anyone has made me settle with the fact that it is okay to do things on your own - something I have always hated to do. I like having someone to do things with. [e] I love that I don't have to defend my love for the Patriots anymore. Being with Patriots fans to watch the game just makes it so much better. [f] There are SEASONS. So, the whole winter thing totally isn't my fav, but I can overlook that fact.

Some things that are not my fav: [a] Target being 30 minutes away. I haven't been to Target in like two months. Why? Because I don't want to take the stupid bus to Target. [b] I hate buses. I always end up falling or making a fool of myself on the bus I feel, so I prefer to not take them. Or I never know when they are going to arrive so I get frustrated when I have to wait 10+ minutes for them to arrive. Because, seriously three buses are supposed to stop there but not a one has come in all the time I am waiting? [c] the closest mall is 20 to 30 minutes away. Basically all my fav stores are so far away. Why can't they be closer? Why, why, why? [d] I have to go to a liquor store to buy alcohol. I would love to just be able to walk into my grocery store and purchase alcohol with my food. I feel like an alchie when I go to a liquor store to buy drinks.

There's still so much to see and do - I just can't wait until it begins to warm up so I can explore more. The cold is hindering all my motivation for wanting to do anything. So until the warm weather arrives, I'm gonna stay in and hibernate.

Screenshot 2016-06-05 16.31.38

Screenshot 2016-06-05 16.31.38