How Do You End Up Here?

If you've happened to stumble across my blog - or maybe you've followed my previous blogs and are still continuing to follow - you're probably wondering how I went from a small town in California to a major city in Massachusetts. Well, let me share how it came to be.. I never thought I would ever leave my little small town behind. It's homey, it takes 10 minutes to get anywhere in town, people are nice.. it's everything anybody could want. In high school everyone couldn't wait to get away, meanwhile I was always sticking up for my little town. To me, it was perfect.

My senior year of high school I went to the east coast for the first time. I went to the Big Apple - NYC. I fell in love with the place. Family members asked me if I would ever move there and I scoffed at the idea. Me? Move to New York? HIghly unlikely. Oh another big city on the east coast? Ummm, NO. I wanted to stay in my small town. FOREVER.

I went away to college and found myself wanting to eventually end up at the beach. I was either at home or at the Central Coast. I mean, the coast was like my second home, I would love being there. But, as I made another trip out to the east coast since my best friend was living near D.C., I just happened to fall more in love.

I didn't quite understand because I've always been a small town girl, how could I want to live in a big city? But, there is just something to it all. A big city is just an exciting place. There was so much more to do than in my little small town. A little part of me needed that.

I tried unsuccessfully to move out to the east coast for four years. I had in my mind that I needed a job before I moved. I couldn't get anybody to get back to me to save my life. Last year, I found out my brother was moving out to Pennsylvania and I cried. A lot of people don't know that little fact, but I did. I was upset because I was supposed to move to the east coast. I didn't think it was fair that someone who never really had any interest of moving to the east coast, would be moving there.

At this point, I wanted to move to Nashville and get into the country music scene - since I love country music, but all my leads went no where. At the end of the year, I decided that I was going to be moving to the east coast, with or without a job. I was going to be saving all the money I could, and I was going to go. Life is just too short to stand by and watch it flee in front of your face. I figured it was now or never. I didn't want this to be my one regret in life. I didn't want this unknown to be hanging over me forever. Either I would go and figure out that I love it here, orrrrr I would hate it and I would go back home. I mean, I lived with my parents already, what would be the big deal if I had to go back home?

I researched the different cities I would want to move to: New York, Nashville, and Boston. I made pros and cons for each city, and looked into the job market to see which city would offer jobs in what I would eventually want to do. I researched all I could on the cities before I made my decision. Ultimately, I chose Boston.

I began looking for jobs and applying to all I could - all the while saving money just in case I wouldn't be able to get a job before I would make the move in September. My plan was to contact temp agencies for a job once I moved to Boston to have some kind of income flowing in. After seven months of job searching, I finally got an email asking to talk more about an opportunity. I was SO excited. I had to sit down when I read it because I couldn't believe my eyes. After a week and a half of getting that initial email, I landed the job. Three weeks later, I was on a plane to Boston. A week after that, I started my new job.

I am giving myself a year to see how I fully like it. I've only been here for two months, and it's been amazing. I'm sure I'll have a different tune when winter arrives, but for now, I'm enjoying it.