Stitch Fix | Box 8

In this month's Stitch Fix, I asked for some more fall/winter clothes since I was moving to Boston and there are actually seasons here.. So, my stylist picked out some stylish pieces for me. I received a pair of pants and four long sleeve shirts.

They included a lot of stripes in this box, but the shirts were all cute and comfortable. The pants fit perfectly. I had to then decide what I was going to keep. I wanted to keep allllllll of my items, but unfortunately, I couldn't. I could only keep one, so I decided to keep the shirt with the blue slanted stripes.

After much debate with myself [and making a budget] I have come to the decision to cancel my Stitch Fix. At least for now. Maybe in the future [and when my budget allows] I will rejoin. I'm going to miss you terribly, Stitch Fix. But until next time...