Summer Hits: Top Five

Happy First Day of Summer!! To celebrate the first day, I figured I would name my top five summer tunes. Because summer is all about enjoying the sun and cranking the tunes right?? We all need some summer jams.

NUMBER FIVE Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow This is a classic summer jam. Perfect for a day at the beach. IIIIII wanna soak up the suuuuun.

NUMBER FOUR Cruise by Florida Georgia Line This is definitely one of the best summer songs out there. There is no way you can change the channel or NOT sing to this song when it comes on. It's so. dang. catchy. Baby you a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruiiiise.

NUMBER THREE Summer Nights by Rascal Flatts Because really, if Rascal Flatts has a summer song, it's gonna be on my playlist. Can't hate on the Flatts. No, you cannot. It's summer nights, y'all!

NUMBER TWO Summertime by Kenny Chesney KC is just a classic. He is the king of beach tunes. I mean, if I spent all my time on an island, I would have sick summa jams too. And it's two bare feet on the dashboaaaard.

NUMBER ONE Beachin' by Jake Owen This is definitely my summer jam this year. I love the beach. I love Jake Owen. A coincidence that he has a song titled Beachin'? I think not. Soo.. BEACHIN'.

There you have it. My top five. Do you have a top list of summer songs? Sound off below with your must have summer time hits!