Rascal Flatts has done it again. They have made another fantastic record. Okay, maybe I'm a little biased because they are my favorite group.. but it's da truth.

With the record opening up with Payback, the album starts out on a high note with such a fun, energetic song. In fact, as I'm writing this all I can thing of is the lyric: I can be your p-p-p-p-p-payback. The whole album is just fantastic. It slows down for a couple songs, then picks back up, slows down.. it's a nice flow and combination where when you listen you are pleased and not thinking: Another slow song, can we have fast song? Yes, sometimes this thought passes through my head on some records.

I really like all of the songs on the record, but, I do have a few top favorites: Payback, Rewind, DJ Tonight, Riot, I Like the Sound of That, I'm on Fire, Compass, and Wildfire. I bought the deluxe version of the CD from Target.. If there is ever an option to get the deluxe version, you can bet I'll always get the deluxe version.

Track listing: Payback Rewind I Have Never Been to Memphis DJ Tonight Powerful Stuff Riot Night of Our Lives I Like the Sound of That Aftermath I'm on Fire Life's a Song Honeysuckle Lazy The Mechanic Deluxe: Compass Wildfire She Must Like Broken Hearts Bring the Family

Honestly, you can't go wrong with a Rascal Flatts record.. I recommend you go out and buy this one - especially the deluxe version.