Where It All Began by Dan + Shay may just be my favorite album of the year. Which says a lot since we're only in April. For being newbies, this album is awesome. I feel as though the first albums for new comers aren't always the best - I mean, when you first hear it you think it's great, but the albums after the first are usually better because the music evolves and more of the artist shines through. When I first listened to the album, I instantly fell in love with it. As soon as the whistling started in Show You Off, I was swept away with the energy of the song. The album continued with some upbeat songs to keep the energy, dipped into some slow songs, then went back to energized songs, dipped back to slow songs and ended the album with energy. The album was the perfect wave mixture of songs.

My favorite songs are: Show You Off, Stop Drop + Roll, 19 You + Me, What You Do to Me, First Time Feeling, Somewhere Only We Know, I. Heard Goodbye, and Party Girl.

Track listing: 1. Show You Off 2. Stop Drop + Roll 3. 19 You + Me 4. What You Do to Me 5. Can't Say No 6. First Time Feeling 7. Nothin' Like You 8. Somewhere Only We Know 9. Parking Break 10. I Heard Goodbye 11. Party Girl 12. Close Your Eyes

I definitely recommend this album. Go out to your local CD selling store or iTunes and get it. Now. You won't regret it.