I needed some new head shots, and decided to try to take them myself. I am calling them my experimental head shots, because that is exactly what they are. I am used to being behind the camera taking pictures of others, but when it comes to taking head shots of myself, I usually find someone else to do them for me. Since I needed the head shots as soon as possible, I decided to give it a go myself. I felt a little silly taking pictures of myself. I decided that if anybody asked, I would say that I was taking selfies of myself, professional style. I got over it though, set up my tripod and took some pictures. When I looked at them on my little screen, I was not too impressed, but when I looked at them on my computer, I felt that they weren't too bad.

I'm going to share my top 5 with you. Yes, I took many because I wasn't sure what I wanted..

So.. here they are:





DSC_0851What do you think? Do you think they came out great? Good? Horrific? Horrible?? Okay, maybe they aren't half bad, I just am sometimes overly judgmental about pictures of myself. Hey - I'm a girl, that's how we are right!? ;]

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