Hey, It's Sail Boston!

The tall ships are in Boston this week. The festivities began with a Grand Parade of Sail on Saturday where the ships sailed into Boston from Winthrop. I found a spot at Castle Island to watch the ships come into the harbor. I was lucky to find a fantastic spot to view the ships. I had thought Castle Island would have been packed with people since this event does not happen very often, but quickly discovered there were plenty of open spots.

The parade time was originally delayed an hour. By the time the ships arrived in Boston, it was about 45 minutes later than when the parade was supposed to start.

eagle sail boston bri rinehart
sail boston bri rinehart

The day started off gloomy, but quickly turned muggy with the day ending with the sun coming out. I love the older sail boats that were in the parade. Some of the ships weren't as "tall." Nonetheless, it was cool getting to look at the different ships. The ships were from all over the world. An announcer would give a little bio on each ship as they passed by.

sail boston bri rinehart
sail boston bri rinehart
sail boston bri rinehart

One of my favorite parts about the ships were some of the crew members sailed in on the masts. Some were standing, others sitting, and some were climbing the rope to get to the mast.

sail boston bri rinehart
sail boston bri rinehart
sail boston bri rinehart

Did you watch the tall ships in the Grand Parade of Sail? What were your favorite parts?

Also, because I have quite a few pictures that I think are as equally great as the ones above, check out more in the slideshow below:

Four Reasons to Visit Providence, Rhode Island

I am all about exploring New England as much as I possibly can. Since I don't have a car {and can't always bug someone to cart me around!}, train is one of my favorite options. Thankfully, the MBTA has the Commuter Rail {aside from Amtrak!} which can take me to different parts of Massachusetts and to Providence - which is the place that this blog post is all about!

I decided over Memorial Day weekend to head to Providence for a day trip because I wanted to get out of the city for a bit to explore a new place - even if it was only for a day. I chose to take the Commuter Rail because I could decide what time I wanted to come back instead of choosing a specific time through Amtrak.

I mainly walked around downtown this trip - but definitely plan on going back to Providence in the future to explore more!

ONE | Mural Tour

I'm dubbing this as the "Mural Tour." Providence has quite a few murals located off of Washington Street. If you walk along the street, you're bound to come across murals. I'm a bit obsessed with murals, so this was one of the top things to see during my day trip.

TWO | Rhode Island State House

The State House is absolutely gorgeous! I'm sure the inside is even more incredible, but considering it was a weekend, I couldn't go inside! Definitely be sure to stop by to take in the gorgeous architecture.

THREE | Benefit Street

Benefit Street is pretty cool. This street has many old homes and buildings. I couldn't walk the whole street because Brown University was holding their graduation the day I was visiting, but I was able to see part of it and loved looking at the older homes.

FOUR | The Views

Honestly, just walking around and soaking everything in was one of the highlights of my trip. I enjoyed looking at the architecture of the buildings and sitting along side the river.

Have you been to Providence? What are your favorite things about Providence?