Lincoln Tavern + Restaurant

425 West Broadway | South Boston, Massachusetts | 02127

I have ben wanting to visit Lincoln Tavern + Restaurant for quite a while. Guess what!? I have finally made it!

Lincoln Tavern + Restaurant now serves brunch seven days a week. SEVEN. How exciting is that? I know Lincoln Tavern + Restaurant is usually a happening brunch spot - so I went during the week when my parents were visiting.

Side note: Fridays are Brunch Test Kitchen days which mean the brunch menu is different

We went on a Friday and I had completely forgotten about Brunch Test Kitchen, so we had gone to the restaurant thinking we could order one of the items we had seen on the menu. Unfortunately, all the brunch items were not available on Friday - but we all found something yummy to eat.

I ordered the fruity pebble pancakes, my mom ordered the strawberry avocado salad, and my dad ordered the steak and egg sandwich. I was excited about the fruity pebble pancakes - two of my favorite things mixed together? Yes, please!

bri rinehart; lincoln tavern + restaurant; southie; boston

When the dishes arrived at our table, they all looked very delicious. The pancakes were great - they were very fluffy. The only thing that was not my favorite was the cereal milk anglaise. I did not like it as much and would have preferred to have butter and syrup on my pancakes. However, overlooking the anglaise, the pancakes were very delicious and filling.

brunch test kitchen; bri rinehart; lincoln tavern + restaurant

The strawberry avocado salad looked amazing! The salad was made with spinach leaves - which were huge! The cheese also came as a slab so my mom had to cut down the leaves and the cheese - but she said the salad was delicious. I had a little bite and thought it was very summery.

bri rinehart; brunch test kitchen; lincoln tavern + restaurant; brunch

The steak and egg sandwich looked delicious. I love egg sandwiches, so I was a little envious that I did not choose this as my dish when it came to the table. My dad enjoyed the sandwich. Since the egg was a sunny side egg, he couldn't hold it, but cut into it. The sandwich was served on an english muffin.

Overall: Brunch Test Kitchen is great, but I will have to go back for regular brunch!

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A 30th Anniversary

This year, my parents celebrated their 30th Anniversary! They happened to visit me a week after their anniversary so I took the opportunity while we were out and about to capture some photographs.

See a few favorites below:

bri rinehart; photography; photo shoot
bri rinehart; photo shoot; photography
bri rinehart; photography; photo session
photography; photo session; bri rinehart
bri rinehart; photography; photo session

Aren't they adorable?

Here's to many more years!

Ann and Fran's Kitchen

471 MA-28 | West Yarmouth | Massachusetts | 02673 | Menu

When in West Yarmouth, you need to stop by Ann and Fran's Kitchen for brunch. It's a cute diner-esque place that feels homey.

ann and fran's kitchen; yarmouth; bri rinehart

I visited Ann and Fran's Kitchen over Labor Day weekend when I went to the cape with my friends, E and C. There were a lot of delicious sounding items on the menu, which made it difficult to choose from. I decided to get the breakfast sandwich, E got the herb breakfast sandwich, and C got the crab bacon bacon. E and C's dishes were both special menu items for that day.

ann and fran's kitchen; yarmouth; bri rinehart

The breakfast sandwich includes two runny eggs, local cheddar, avocado, arugula on a brioche roll and a side of house potatoes. The herb breakfast sandwich included scrambled eggs, arugula, onions and tomato on an everything bagel and a side of house potatoes. The crab bacon bacon was a Benedict with eggs, crab, bacon, avocado and house potatoes.

bri rinehart; ann and fran's kitchen; yarmouth

The dishes were all very delicious. I enjoyed the breakfast sandwich. I feel as though you cannot go wrong with eggs, cheese, avocado and arugula on bread. The home fries were pretty good - which says a lot coming from me because I do not like home fries as much as I like hashbrowns.

bri rinehart; anne and fran's kitchen; yarmouth

My recommendation: visit Ann and Fran's Kitchen. You won't be disappointed.

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Potato Mash


  • 4 yellow potatoes
  • Bacon bits
  • Olives
  • Cheese
  • Sour cream
potato mash; bri rinehart

Potato Mash:

One | Bake the potatoes
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Bake your potatoes for one hour.

Two | Scoop out the insides
After your potatoes are ready, scoop out the insides into a bowl.

Three | Add your toppings
The great thing about this dish is you can add whatever items you wish. I chose to add a dash of bacon bits, olives, cheese, and sour cream. I then topped the dish off with a little more cheese.

Four | Enjoy!

Wandering Boston

Sometimes, I like to wander around Boston and take pictures. I don't usually have an agenda of what I want to capture, I just walk around and capture images that catch my eye.

I have been crazy busy as of late {which isn't a bad thing - right!?} and it seems as though I haven't had enough time to do all the things I normally like to do. Although life still seems to be flying by, I decided to get back in to my old habits of little things I like, such as blogging, photography, painting, and more.

So, here are a few photographs from some of my walks around the city:

boston; back bay; bri rinehart
back bay; boston; bri rinehart
esplanade; bri rinehart
bay village; bri rinehart
citgo sign; boston; fenway; bri rinehart
flower; bri rinehart
newbury street; bri rinehart
longfellow bridge; bri rinehart