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When there are brunch spots that are really great, you have to go back. I went to Worden Hall about a year or so ago and enjoyed their grilled bacon apple cheddar croque. This time, I went back with a few friends and tried something new {even though I kind of wanted to get the croque again!}.

bri rinehart; mimosa grande; worden hall

Because brunch is not the same without a mimosa, I ordered the Mimosa Grande. I thought this would be a normal mimosa with another liquor mixed in - which it was, but it also came in a large glass. I was not expecting such a large drink - even though grande is literally in it's name. While we were waiting for our friend to join us, we ordered donut holes as a little appetizer. They came out a little burnt, but were still really good. 

bri rinehart; donut holes, worden hall

After much debate about trying to decide what to order, I chose to try the chicken and waffles. I really love chicken and waffles. It's a great brunch item, in my opinion. My friends ordered the huevos rancheros tacos, country fried steak and eggs, and the Southie omelette.

bri rinehart; chicken and waffles; worden hall

When the food arrived, we all dug in and enjoyed the meal. The best presentation of how the meal looked was the country fried steak and eggs. It looked so fancy when it came out. Everyone enjoyed their meals. I'm glad I decided to try something different instead of ordering the croque again - although my friend did point out that I like to order chicken and waffles. I can't help it. Chicken and waffles are so, so good that I usually order them if I see them on the menu.

The only minor things we noticed while eating were that the waffle and tortillas of the huevos rancheros tacos were a little "soggy" when we received our order. We think that maybe they were waiting for all of our food to be ready before bringing out our plates - which is fine. We still ate our meals because we were hungry.

bri rinehart; worden hall; country fried steak and eggs

I love the atmosphere of Worden Hall, the service, and of course, their brunch menu! It's directly across from the Broadway T-stop which is great when it's cold out and don't want to walk too far.

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