Wit's End

1248 Cambridge Street | Cambridge, MA 02139 | Menu 

I went to Wit's End for a birthday celebration. Brunch + birthday celebrations? Yes, please!

The brunch at Wit's End is fun - their food and drinks are named after famous singers or songs. I ordered the "Beyonce" which is prosecco, grapefruit and orange juice. After going back and forth on what I wanted to order, I decided to try the Let's Go Surfin' (& Turfin'). I decided to go with this item because it was different than any other item I could order when I normally go out to brunch. The Let's Go Surfin' (& Turfin') included eggs, roasted red peppers, poached lobster, & slow cooked Texas brisket served in a puff pastry shell with a side of spinach salad.

I was excited to try what I had ordered. It sounded really good. It took a while for our food to come out, but we had a large party which is understandable. When the food arrived to the table, I couldn't wait to dig in on my plate. 

bri rinehart; brunch; wit's end

I thought the dish was good. It's an interesting mix of meat and seafood for a breakfast item. I did not like the brisket as much as I thought it did. I thought the brisket would have BBQ sauce on it, but it didn't. I think if it i had a sauce or an option to come with sauce for the brisket, I would have liked that portion of the meal a bit more. I did love the lobster portion of the dish. I also liked the red bell peppers in the eggs, I had never tried it before, but it gave the dish some flavor. Of course, the pastry was deliciously flaky.

bri rinehart; brunch; wit's end

I would go back to Wit's End to try another dish -  I would probably try the waffles because I was eyeing those on the menu before I decided on the Let's Go Surfin' (& Turfin').

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