Does anyone feel as though they blinked and 2017 began and ended?

That's how I feel as I start to reflect on the past year. It did not seem that long ago that I was sitting in my apartment reflecting on 2016 and what I hoped to accomplish in 2017. Now, 12 months later, here I am reflecting again. Time is just passing by too quickly.

2017 has been a year, hasn't it? I had quite the year. I went on my first international trip, I traveled to new places in the United States, I tried some new foods, learned how to make new dishes that I thought would be complicated, had surgery on my finger to repair my nerve.. Whew. Whatta year.

I did not blog as much as I had wanted in 2017. I took a bit of a break because I was a little busy in my personal life and found I was letting the blog fall to the wayside. However, I'm back in full force and am planning to blog a lot more in 2018. Get ready for more posts - don't worry, I'm almost done with all the Ireland posts I want to share with you! I did however, do some things that were a first for me - such as my first{!!!} interview with the WaistWatchers cast and director, my first product review, and my first post for a fashion designer! 

I was curious as to which blog posts were viewed the most in 2017. I did a little research and discovered these ten posts were the posts that were viewed the most:

I was surprised to find there is only one brunch review in the top ten - since everyone knows I love brunch.

If you're an Instagram user, you know everyone loves to post their #bestnine square. Since I love Instagram, I had to do this and share with my followers. It's interesting to see which posts were the most liked throughout the year. Here is a look back at my top moments in 2017:

best nine.jpg

Sayonara, 2017. 

Let's see what 2018 brings.

xo, Bri

Creative director.