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I have wanted to try Savin Bar + Kitchen for a while - so I am excited to have gone recently!

There were quite a few items on the menu that caught my eye. A couple of the items are not normally on brunch menus so I tried to pick one of those so I can experience a new brunch dish. I was contemplating between the brunch burrito, chicken + biscuits, brunch flatbread, and egg sandwich. After much deliberation, the chicken + biscuits won. Chicken + biscuits included fried chicken breast in honey butter, garlic griddled biscuit, coleslaw, and home fries. You can also add an egg and sausage gravy for an extra fee. The dish can be ordered as a single or a double. I decided to order the double because my waitress had said the single is on the smaller side. I had also added the egg to the dish because eggs had sounded good when I was deciding what I wanted to eat.

bri rinehart; savin hill bar + kitchen; brunch; chicken + biscuits

I thought this dish would be a spin on biscuits + gravy - so I was expecting my dish to come out as fried chicken with biscuits, home fries and coleslaw on the side. However, the dish came as chicken sandwiches. I was surprised when they brought my plate out. I wasn't sure if I should hold the little sandwich or cut the sandwich, so I decided to cut it as I ate because it seemed less messy that way. The chicken was perfectly fried - it was nice and tender with a little crunch to it. The bread was airy and the eggs were perfect. As I finished the first sandwich, I realized I should have ordered the single dish. I was not as hungry as I thought I would be and could not finish the whole meal {I tried my best!}. 

bri rinehart; brunch; savin hill bar + kitchen; chicken + biscuits

Overall: Savin Bar + Kitchen is great. I recommend going - I definitely want to go back to try a few of the other dishes that caught my eye!

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