Jack Ranch Café

19215 CA-46 | Cholame, California

Whenever my family headed to the coast, we would always pass by Jack Ranch Café. My siblings and I would ask our parents if we could stop there and eat. We always wanted to check it out and it's the only place to stop for food between Kettleman City and Paso Robles. We were always rejected and were told we would eat once we got to our campsite or the coast {if we were just going for the day}. My parents stopped in a few months ago and told us that it was a good restaurant. So, while my brother and I were visiting, my mom said we could eat breakfast at home before going or we could stop at Jack Ranch Café. We obviously jumped at the chance to eat at the small restaurant we had always wanted to go to.

jack ranch cafe; bri rinehart; brunch

Since the restaurant is off the side of the highway leading to the coast, it's often not too busy. We went on a Monday and arrived around 9:00 - we were the only people in the diner. The menu had it's basics: omelettes, burritos, eggs + ham, eggs + bacon, pancakes, etc. I was not sure what I wanted to eat. Did I want a breakfast sandwich? Did I want a breakfast burrito? Did I want an omelette? Could I order all three? I would never be able to eat all that food, but I wanted a sampler of all of it. I find myself always wanting a sampler of brunch food - I would be so happy if this were a thing.

egg and cheese omelette; bri rinehart; jack ranch cafe

I decided to order the ham + cheese omelette. It came with toast and home fries. My brother ordered the eggs + hash, my dad ordered the biscuit + gravy, my mom ordered the egg + sausage sandwich. I enjoyed the omelette - the home fries not so much. Which isn't a surprise since I'm not a huge fan of home fries. I didn't think I would be able to eat the whole omelette, but I was hungrier than I thought and ate all of it. Everyone enjoyed their dishes.

james dean memorial; cholame; california; bri rinehart

Jack Ranch Café is located next to the James Dean Memorial - he passed a way a few miles up the road from the restaurant. Tourists often stop here to see the memorial.

Overall, Jack Ranch Café was worth the {very} long wait. If you're ever driving to the Central Coast along highway 46, pop in for a bite to eat.  

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