Hong Kong

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If you want some really great Chinese food, you should pop in to Hong Kong. For all the Boston locals, I'm not talking about the Hong Kong here - I'm talking about Hong Kong in Hanford, California. 

appetizer plate; hong kong; hanford, california

While I was home, I had four places to stop on my list - and Hong Kong was one of them. We ordered a couple favorites then I got to choose one dish while my dad chose another. I decided to go with the chicken teriyaki because it's my favorite. My dad chose the appetizer dish. We also ordered a plate of wontons, the chow mein - hong kong style, and sweet & sour pork. 

wonton, hong kong, hanford, california, bri rinehart
teriyaki chicken; hong kong; hanford; california

I personally think anything you choose from Hong Kong is delicious. A little scoop of everything goes a long way. I had quite a few wontons {because I can't seem to find them at most restaurants on the east coast!}, a big scoop of the chow mein and teriyaki chicken. I always stick to my basics, but sometimes branch out a bit. Everyone who works here is so friendly.

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