Christopher's 2.0

1920 Massachusetts Avenue | Cambridge, Massachusetts | Menu

For St. Patrick's Day, I met a couple of friends at Christopher's for brunch. I have been to Christopher's before. I was excited to head back. Their brunch menu on Saturday is smaller than their Sunday brunch menu.

christopher's, st. patricks day, bri rinehart

Usually, I choose to have a mimosa with my brunch. However, since it was St. Patrick's Day, the drink of the day was "four leaf clover." I decided to try it and was very glad I did. It was green and delicious. I was being kind of picky on my options, so I decided to get the pancakes. My friends decided to get the corn beef hash and eggs. 

christopher's; bri rinehart; brunch

The pancakes came with eggs, bacon and home fries. However, since I'm not a big fan of home fries, I asked if I could substitute them with french fries instead. They were able to do that and the fries were delicious. More fries came out than what I thought, so I shared them with one friend who kept home fries instead of french fries.

We all enjoyed our meals. Christopher's does not disappoint!

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