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I have heard nothing but good things about Café Luna, so naturally, I had to make my way over to the restaurant to try brunch. Plus, what's a better way to kick off Memorial Day Weekend than brunch with friends, am I right?

I love that Café Luna has a huge brunch menu. There were so many great choices to choose from - butternut squash + goat cheese omelet, a variety of waffles, french toast and a list of specials. I decided to choose an item from their list of specials - and it will not surprise you. I decided to get the country fried chicken and waffles. My friend, D, also decided to order something off the specials menu and ordered the vegetable + egg quinoa dish.

The portions at Café Luna are not small, so you will definitely not leave hungry. The vegetable + egg quinoa dish came with avocado, cauliflower, carrots, egg, and quinoa. It looked very delicious {who would think quinoa would be a great breakfast item!?}. D said the bowl was amazing and I fully believe her.

The country fried chicken + waffles were so good. I was very hungry by the time our meals came, so I basically ate the whole thing. Needless to say I was full for the rest of the day, but it was well worth it. The dish came with honey butter and Sriracha mix syrup. I drizzled a little syrup on some of my chicken and waffle to try and see if I liked it {I have a very low spicy tolerance!}. The very little syrup I did use had my mouth on fire. It was a good flavor, but I couldn't handle the heat of it. Overall, the dish was delicious - the chicken was tender and the waffle was fluffy! 

I recommend going to Café Luna and trying their brunch menu {or weekday breakfast!}. If you go on the weekend, keep in mind that it is a popular spot, so be prepared to wait! The gentleman that seats everyone is very nice and gives updates while you're waiting.

Have a brunch recommendation? Let me know where I should go!

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