I had the pleasure of attending the VOGE Fashion Runway's most recent fashion show. I was very ecstatic to be able to sit front row. The designers that were featured for the night were Irina Gorbman, Najah Muhammad, Martha Jackson, Nathalia JMAG, Cornelius Ortiz, and Casa de Angelina. I loved seeing all of the fashion styles of each designer! They are all different and unique. Our host for the evening were Gustavo Leon and Nick Yousif. We even had a musical guest Jacqueline Seymour.


Next we dove into the fashion show with the first designer Irina Gorbman. I liked her outfits. Her designs were sporty.  These were things I could see myself wearing when I want to exercise. Irina Gorbman enjoys making abstract creations and wants her clothes to be happy and optimistic.


Our next designer, Najah Muhammad, is a Boston-based designer and she wanted everyone who wears her clothes to feel that they can feel like themselves. I enjoyed her designs.


Martha Jackson was our third designer. She has a passion for fashion and upcycles recycled material. I enjoyed seeing her line. I like a few of her clothing. Some of the dresses were really great. I personally am not a bohemian-style dresser, however the outfits were very creative.


After our third designer we had an intermission. Jacqueline Seymour came and sang a few more songs for the crowd.


The next designer was Nathalia JMAG. She was on Project Runway season 15. I enjoyed her designs. They where different, but cool. I liked a lot of the mesh fabric that she used in her dresses.


Our next designer was Cornelius Ortiz. He was also on Project Runway season 15. I really enjoyed his line. I felt as though many of the outfits were things you can wear to work. It reminded me of the everyday businesswoman.


The last designer why is Casa de Angelina. She had an incredible line. I was obsessed with all the sequins and glittery outfits. I am in a phase where if I could wear something glittery everyday I probably would. One of my favorite pieces of hers was a silver glittery shimmering outfit with a cape.


Overall, the fashion show was incredible. Junior Vipent, who is the owner of the VOGE Fashion Runway, did a fantastic job selling out this show and filling up the W Hotel with guests. The room was filled from the moment the show started unil it ended. There were even beauty queens at the show! Mrs. Massachusetts, Miss Boston and Miss Connecticut were all in attendance. There were even a couple of contestants from Project Runway 15 that sat a few seats away from me. They were there to support their fellow contestants from the season. If you get a chance to attend one of the VOGE Fashion shows you definitely should, as they're a great time and you get to see really amazing pieces from Boston designers.