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Of course, when I was on vacation, I had to go to brunch. My parents and I met my grandparents in Fresno as we would be heading north to Santa Clara for the Patriots vs. 49ers game.

The menu was huge and I had a tough time deciding what I would want to eat. I feel as though I always have a hard time deciding. Can I get a sampler of everything? I mean, there was cinnamon roll french toast, omelets, waffles, breakfast burritos and more! While I was deciding what I would want to eat, I ordered a mimosa {obvi}. Let me tell you - all the restaurants need to serve mimosas like Yosemite Falls Café. They give you a huge mimosa.


{My big mimosa with my Brunches of Boston shirt}

I decided to try the mountain meat lover omelette because I kept coming back to it every time I looked over the menu. The omelet comes with a choice of hashbrowns, country potatoes, diced fresh apples or fresh fruit and a choice of toast, biscuit, 6 small cakes or bran muffin. I chose to pair my omelet with hashbrowns {because I can never find them in Boston} and toast. My parents ordered the country fried steak and eggs and ham and eggs.

The one thing I love about café's/diners are the huge portions you receive for the price you pay! You definitely don't go hungry after eating at one of these spots. Yosemite Falls Café is no different. The omelet and hashbrowns covered my entire plate.


My parents' dishes looked equally delicious. Well - I would have asked for no gravy on the chicken fried steak because gravy is gross, but that is just my opinion.


Overall, the breakfast was delicious and very filling. I recommend stopping by for a bite to eat!

Have you been to Yosemite Falls Café? What are your thoughts? 

Know of a brunch place I should check out? Let me know in the comments below!