Last time I was in Nashville, I did all the touristy things. I went to a variety of tours, I went to a variety of honky tonks, and saw The Opry at the Ryman.

This time, I wanted to try to see the city as a "local." I did visit the honky tonks because the Pentatonix concert was downtown. However, this time, I checked out 12 South, Hillsboro, South Tennessee, and East Nashville. They were all really cool places. It was very humid, so I would bounce in and out of stores to keep cool.

I discovered the Tennessee State Museum downtown. It was very interesting. They also have a real mummy in the museum. It was creepy, but cool to see. I also found a cool candy store downtown. They have all kinds of candy. Even candy from my childhood that I haven't seen in years - Now and Laters, Push-pops... so much candy goodness.

Photo May 10, 1 13 53 PMPhoto May 10, 2 53 13 PMPhoto May 10, 3 58 18 PMPhoto May 10, 11 02 36 AMPhoto May 10, 11 04 28 AM

I read about Las Paletas, a popsicle shop in 12 South, on the Dry House blog. The Dry House is a hair salon that a lot of my favorite country singers go to. Since it was so hot and humid, I decided to get a cool treat. Let me tell you, it's so delicious. Definitely go by and try it while your'e there.

Photo May 11, 3 30 46 PMPhoto May 11, 4 23 54 PMPhoto May 11, 4 42 29 PM

When in Nashville, stop by the Patterson House. It's primarily a cocktail bar, but they have some food options and a couple of snacks. I ate food at another restaurant in the 12 South District, so I decided to get a snack. They had this amazing treat - S'mores { in a jar }. I basically ate the whole entire thing. Which was not the best decision, but I could not stop eating it.

Photo May 11, 8 21 33 PM

This is my favorite spot in Nashville. It's the footbridge and you can look out at the skyline.

Photo May 12, 4 49 25 PM

Nashville has murals { basically } everywhere, but East Nashville had some awesome murals.

Photo May 12, 11 06 50 AMPhoto May 12, 11 07 15 AM

I went to Fort Negley in South Nashville. It wasn't much of a fort anymore. There were some ruins, but it was cool to walk around and see.

Photo May 12, 11 54 32 AM

Have you been to Nashville? What is your favorite thing to do in Nashville?