It's no secret.

I love Pentatonix.

When I saw they were going on tour, I decided I wanted to see them. Unfortunately, they were not coming to Boston. However, they were going to Nashville. I looked into flights and found cheap tickets to go so I booked them. Nashville is a great city, so might as well go back, right?

A J.

Opening for Pentatonix was AJ and Us the Duo. I had never heard of AJ, but he is the new teen heartthrob. He was pretty good. I personally would not run out and buy his music, but I can see his career taking off soon.

Check his YouTube.

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U S  T H E  D U O.

I have heard of Us the Duo. I discovered them when they made this amazing cover of Call Me Maybe. I've followed their Vine videos for a while as well and have loved all their videos. Their voices are perfect together. I was excited to see them live. They did not disappoint. I highly recommend you check out their music.

Check their YouTube

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P E N T A T O N I X.

They are so amazing. I have been following them since their debut on The Sing Off. I saw them on their first tour. The tour was a smaller scale as newbies. It was in Visalia, California at a high school presentation center with the local high schools performing a few songs as opening acts, a basic set up for Pentatonix but it was amazing. To come to a show where they are HEADLINING arenas was phenomenal. I really loved that they have kept two things in their show since they have started. One - Kevin plays the cello while he beatboxes {my favorite}. Two - the chair girl which has now turned into each member choosing a person from the crowd to sit in beanbags with them while PTX sings a song to/with them. One of my favorite parts of the show was when they sang "Light in the Hallway." Everyone began to turn their cell phone flashlights on and were in the moment of the song. It was so amazing. I can't describe the feeling I felt in this moment, but I had goosebumps. Their stage set up was amazing, they sounded phenomenal and my heart was so happy.

Check their YouTube

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If you have the chance to see them in concert - GET YOUR TICKETS.

PS - they announced they had a second leg of their US tour the day after I saw them in Nashville and guess what? THEY'RE COMING TO B O S T O N.