A common question that I get often?

Do you miss California?

My answer?


Normally people ask me when I'm going back home to visit and my answer is always I dunno. But the other day, I received a different response. After I said yes to missing California, they asked "Really?" I said "Well, yeaaaaah!"

I guess I was shocked that they responded with a "really" as I have never been questioned on if I really miss my home state. Most people ask why I left the golden state. Which no one on the east coast seems to understand. But that's okay. Either they say I'm badass or crazy, but I just continue on.

Back to missing California - I miss California alllllllll the time. I miss going to my favorite beaches. My favorite restaurants. Seeing my favorite people. I miss driving. I miss constant sunshine. I miss my Bella {{ she's the cutest pup evaaa }}. I miss avocados being purchased under a dollar. Or any produce for cheap. I miss asking for ranch dressing and not being looked at like I'm crazy. Or being told that they don't have ranch {{ seriously, how do they not have ranch!? }}. I miss having a Target 10 minutes away from me. I miss everything about it.

But am I gonna move back anytime soon? No. I'm not. Am I gonna visit sometime soon? Yes. I am. I just needed to see what the east coast had to offer for me. And it's offered a lot. I'm uber happy here. My heart is happy.

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