I've been in Massachusetts for 8 months and I have f i n a l l y gone to my first major league sporting event in Boston. Unfortunately a Patriots game wasn't my first, buuuut that's okay. I'll take a baseball game in historic Fenway Park.

I'll admit, I'm not really a huge baseball fan. Mainly because the game could possibly last a long time. When there are sporting events with no timed endings, it's not always my favorite. But, for some odd reason, I like to watch baseball in person. There is just something about being there with the crowd going wild...

I had to buy some Red Sox gear since I'm not really a fan of any team. I went to my trusty Marshall's and found a sweatshirt and tank top on the cheap. I was pretty excited about my finds.

Being in Fenway is just an experience in itself. There is so much history in the park. The Green Monster, one of America's oldest baseball stadiums... I don't know why, but I thought the stadium would be bigger. I've only been to one other baseball stadium, and I felt like it was big. I do like that Fenway is a little smaller. I like the vibe that it gives off.

The game started thirty minutes late due to a weather delay. There were some sprinkles coming down, so by the time the game was going to start the sprinkles stopped and the clouds opened up.

The Sox were a little slow to start, but ended up winning the game by one point! It was exciting that they won the first game I attended.

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